My Dream BIG Club (MyDBC) is a diverse community that leverages one another to dream BIG.  MyDBC organizes events focused around self-growth, empowerment, volunteering, networking, and staying active. MyDBC has become a hub for diverse professionals to grow and develop.

Our organization started in Jan 2018. Husband and wife, Seun and Omonye Phillips, always desired a group in our local area where we could connect with other professionals and discuss transformative topics to better ourselves. We could not find this group and so we decided to start one. Most importantly we have experienced members of the club getting inspiration from other members to start their own business or to undertake an endeavor they once feared. 

We have a vision is to grow and expand locally and globally, adding significant, positive value to all members and those who come in contact with My Dream Big Club. This is an inclusive club for the world and our vision is that this club will positively impact people from different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds to inspire one another.

Seun Phillips


Omonye Phillips


Montinique Lynch

Program Manager

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Executive Assistant

Laura Elm

Executive Assistant


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