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ep 36.png

Episode 36: Be Somebody


Jim Chones talks about: 

  • Self-education

  • Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Social justice

ep 35.png

Episode 35: Persistence Pays off


John Henry talks about: 

  • Stay persistent

  • Entrepreneurship is the equalizer

  • Rags to riches

  • Fulfilling a market need

p 33.png

Episode 34: Find Your Focus


Jules Pieri talks about: 

  • Being a co-founder

  • Prototyping your ideas

  • Finding a product idea 

  • Inequality in business

  • Handling rejection

ep 33.png

Episode 33: Youth Entrepreneurship


Ron Johnson talks about: 

  • Vulnerability

  • Handling rejection

  • Managing your time

  • Teaching entrepreneurship to kids

  • Calculating your business numbers

Copy of Copy of Ep 30.png

Episode 32: Building Wealth


Yvette Butler talks about: 

  • The answer to debt

  • Next level investment

  • Financial Planning

  • Motivation


Episode 31: Keep Building Skills


Len Komoroski talks about: 

  • Seizing Opportunities

  • Taking on the “dirty jobs”

  • Youth sports crisis

  • Adapting for COVID-19

  • Social justice advocacy

Join Seun Phillips as he talks to extraordinary people to discuss their paths in achieving their goals. Listen to genuine conversations designed to give you action steps on achieving your greatest potential and staying motivated. Let's stay inspired, break through any obstacle and keep dreaming BIG.


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*Please note: there is no guarantee of acceptance. All applicants will be reviewed and will be contacted if selected. 

Ep 30 Seun Phillips.png

Episode 30: Plan To Succeed


Seun Phillips talks about: 

  • Failure to plan is planning to fail

  • Reflect on your 2020

  • Know your target/goal

  • Attend Manifest Your 2021

Episode 25_ Seun and Omonye.png

Episode 25: Visualize Your Path


Omonye and Seun talk about: 

  • Road to 25 episodes

  • Setting goals and having accountability

  • Power of vulnerability

  • Being confident in seeking help

  • Uniting to make change happen

  • Taking the first step to achieving a goal

Episode 26_ Iyin Aboyeji.png

Episode 26: Investing in Black   Entrepreneurs


Iyin Aboyeji talks about: 

  • Scaling

  • Determination

  • Business Partnerships

  • Making Money, Making Change

  • Investing in other entrepreneurs

Ep 27_ Jason Coleman & George Wilson.png

Episode 27: How to start a non-profit


Jason Coleman, George Wilson, & Seun Phillips talk about: 

  • Being resilient

  • Success stories

  • Diversifying income

  • Getting together the right team

  • How a nonprofit is a business

Ep 28 - Brian Williams.png

Episode 28: Your New COVID Plan


Brian Williams talks about: 

  • Accessing Capital

  • Resources for Entrepreneurs

  • Making a Succession Plan

  • Common COVID-19 Business Problems

Ep 29 _ Matt De La Cruz.png

Episode 29: How To Set Goals


Matt De La Cruz talks about: 

  • Developing your mindset

  • Schedule your day

  • Balance your life

  • Setting short term and long term goals

  • Changing intention into achievement

Eloho flier.png

Episode 24: Tell Your Story



Eloha talks about: 

  • Prioritizing tasks

  • Problems lead to ideas

  • The importance of networking

  • How to tell our stories

Episode 23_Elise Mitchell.png

Episode 23: Motorcycles, Leadership, and You


Elise talks about: 

  • Your values

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Asking for feedback

  • Fear of your first client

  • Leadership mindset

  • Enjoying the process of being an entrepreneur

Episode 22_ Mike Muse.png

Episode 22: Not Another Self-Help Book


Mike talks about: 

  • Building a brand

  • Follow your curiosity

  • Having a sense of self

  • The importance of work

  • It’s never too late to get started

Episode 21_ Gwen Jimmere.png

Episode 21: Waiting is Not a Wealth Strategy


Gwen talks about: 

  • Be visible

  • Know your purpose

  • Stop waiting for a right time

  • Developing a growth mindset

  • Hardship as an opportunity for growth

Episode 20_ Kechi.png

Episode 20: Where Your Confidence Comes From


Kechi talks about: 

  • Building confidence

  • Where to find confidence

  • Accepting yourself

  • Validation is a powerful thing

  • Be careful where you get your validation from

  • Best things in life happen outside your comfort zone

Episode 19_ Ife Oyedele.png

Episode 19: You Must Seize The Opportunity 


Ife talks about: 

  • Don't be afraid to fail

  • How to find the right business partner

  • Seize the moment

  • See challenges as stepping stones

  • Be focused, be flexible

Episode 18_ JimDre Westbrook.png

Episode 18: Making 'You' Happen

JimDre talks about: 

  • Taking risks

  • Being yourself

  • Living at your own pace

  • Doing what makes you happy

  • Making sacrifices for success

Episode 17_ Henry Oji.png

Episode 17: Stay True To Yourself

Henry talks about: 

  • Showcase your skills and do the things you love to do

  • Don’t waste time trying to be someone you’re not

  • How to build yourself personally to excel professionally

  • Growing through vulnerabilities

  • How he has coped with the passing of his brother and father

  • Having a lack of confidence has its good side and bad side

Episode 16_ Lt. Gilchrist.png

Episode 16: Stay Open To Opportunities 

Garlin talks about: 

  • What dreaming BIG means

  • Do what you can control

  • Being a husband and father

  • How to position yourself for new opportunities

  • Anxiety is natural

  • Taking a chance with other people

Episode 15_ Tiffany Porter and Cindy Ofi

Episode 15: Find Your Accountability Partner

Tiffany and Cindy talk about: 

  • The benefits of an accountability partner

  • What kind of people to surround ourselves with

  • Eliminating excuses

  • Building accountability into major goals 

  • Increasing your rate of success and accomplishing goals

Episode 13_ Fares Ksebati.png

Episode 13: Side Hustle Then Go Full Time

Fares talks about: 

  • Having a ‘no regrets’ mentality 

  • Consistency

  • Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation

  • S.M.A.R.T. goal setting

  • Making those incremental decisions 

  • Everything is a learning experience

Episode 14_ Meryl Davis-2.png

Episode 14: Power of Short Term Goals

Meryl talks about: 

  • The meaning of success

  • Having a reference point to succeed

  • Value of short-term & long-term goals

  • Benefits of an accountability partner

  • Check-in with yourself

Episode 12_ Warren & Amira (1).png

Episode 12: Starting a Business With Your Spouse

Warren & Amira talk about: 

  • Foundational trust & confidence

  • Taking your relationship to the next level

  • Running a successful business

  • Benefits of working with your spouse

  • Find something you are passionate about

  • 'What Are You More Than' brand 

Matt Levin podcast.png

Episode 11: 20 Seconds of Courage

Matt talks about: 

  • Finding that balance as an entrepreneur

  • Trusting your gut when making decisions

  • Goal setting as a leader and as an entrepreneur

  • "20 seconds of courage"

  • A new perspective on confrontation 

  • Finding something you are a little scared of

Seun Phillips Podcast.png

Episode 10: Why We Started My Dream BIG Club

Episode 10 is a special episode that celebrates surpassing 1,000 listeners, reaching double digits in episodes and shedding light on how My Dream BIG Club originated. When it comes to taking the first step in an endeavor it can at times be the scariest and most rewarding step taken. As an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, we need constant motivation and inspiration in going after our BIG dreams. This episode provides the backstory of why we believe this podcast is the most important and offers the tools for people to reach their fullest potential

Chris Lambert Podcast.png

Episode 9: Growing Through Vulnerabilities

Chris talks about:

  • Breaking through our vulnerabilities by being open and seeking help when needed.

  • Reaching your fullest potential.

  • Leveraging others to make a big impact.

  • How to unite with others and learn from one another.

  • His Life Remodeled program which helps strengthen communities. 

Remi Dada Podcast.png

Episode 8: Do Something New

Remi talks about:

  • Taking a risk, try something new.

  • Welcoming memorable life experiences that will ultimately shape you into becoming your best self.

  • Be true to yourself, have self- confidence, and conviction in what you're doing. 

  • How to stay true to your passion by understanding the desire of your direction. 

  • Your time is precious, use it productively. 

  • Getting out of your comfort zone. 

Deshauna Barber Podcast.png

Episode 7: Be Bold and Be Different

Deshauna talks about:

  • There is no one better than who you think you are. Being yourself is the best version you can ever offer others. 

  • Allow past experiences and past pains to evolve us.

  • Do not fear failure but please be terrified of regret.

  • How to allow past experiences and past pains to evolve us.

  • Listen to our kids to recognize signs of abuse by trusting them and what they're saying. Keep them confident in opening up to you and being safe to tell you anything.

  • Vulnerability gives you more power. 

Paul Thomas - Health Care_Who Cares?.png

Episode 6: Health Care, Who Cares?

Dr. Paul Thomas sits down to discuss:

  • Health care issues head on by spreading his innovative Direct Primary Care model, which provides affordable and accessible health care services

  • How insurance plans directly correlate to doctors starting their practices in affluent areas

  • Done is BETTER than perfect. Spend your time being decisive in your decision making process to keep the momentum going. Make the decision and deal with the consequences later

  • Visualizing your dreams and creating a system to help you focus on your goal, revisiting your system when you're down and continuously progressing forward

Courtney Smith Podcast.png

Episode 5: How to Overcome Adversity

Listen to Courtney Smith's moving story from her time as a foster child, to being homeless at one point in her life to now being the CEO and founder of the Detroit Phoenix Center. She has fought through life and has conquered obstacle after obstacle knowing that hope is the ultimate driving force.

Courtney has dedicated her life to bringing the gap in society and leveraging advocacy to bring about change. This episode was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and Courtney describes the impact it is having on the homeless population and what role each of us can play.


Episode 4: How to Focus On Things You Can Control

Listen to Jonathan Garrett discuss being your best self and how to focus on things you can control. In this episode Jonathan talks about how to make meaningful contributions to your team and establishing fruitful relationships. Jonathan believes the difference in life boils down to making small incremental improvements every day. At the end of the day we all should reflect and ask the question, “Did I get better?”

David Merritt Podcast(1).png

Episode 3: Practice What You Preach

Listen to David Merritt as he talks about the teachings and values he has learned from the bible. His philosophy on leadership is to be an exemplary example to those because one's behavior will ultimately drive results.

Jake Sigal - No Excuses.png

Episode 2: No Excuses

Listen to Jake Sigal as he talks about making a way to accomplish your set goals. He breaks it down to simple strategies that anyone can apply today.

MyDBC Artwork.jpg

Episode 1

Join Seun Phillips as he talks to extraordinary people to discuss their paths in achieving their goals. Listen to genuine conversations designed to give you action steps on achieving your greatest potential and staying motivated. Let's stay inspired, break through any obstacle and keep dreaming BIG.

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