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How to Make Your Dreams Happen with My Dream BIG Club

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

On its 10th episode, My Dream BIG Club (MyDBC) Podcast, hosted by Seun Phillips, celebrates reaching 1,000 listeners. This episode introduces new listeners to MyDBC and reminds existing listeners of the club’s origin.

Here’s what you need to know.

MyDBC is a growing, global community for entrepreneurs.

In 2018, husband and wife duo Seun and Omonye Phillips launched MyDBC as a way to congregate a group of ambitious people to have intellectual conversations on major topics ranging from the meaning of dreaming BIG to dealing with imposter syndrome.

The initial mastermind group of 15 grew quickly to over 40 people who wanted to engage and leverage each other on BIG ideas. This steady growth culminated in MyDBC’s inaugural conference with over 160 attendees.

As its community evolved, MyDBC’s mission evolved along with it. Driven by the Phillips’ desire to help people tap into their fullest potential, MyDBC seeks to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to activate their dreams into reality.

MyDBC provides its community with tools to take action on their dreams.

To amplify this mission, MyDBC launched its namesake podcast to reach a global community of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this episode, Seun discusses that people have desires and skill sets that are not always exercised. Oftentimes, people think about the what ifs or are unsure of where to start. While these are all legitimate thoughts, they unnecessarily limit people’s capabilities.

To overcome these limiting thoughts, people may just need a little push to get started on their side hustle for additional income or passion projects. The MyDBC podcast is intended to ignite people’s entrepreneurial spirit and activate the muscles needed to move towards action.

Podcast episodes are crafted to build confidence, understand the value of vulnerability, and overcome adversity. These episodes will teach people how to set goals and break them down into incremental, achievable steps. Ultimately, people will walk away from each episode with one or two actionable steps that they can apply immediately to realize their dreams.

Conclusion: Dream BIG and never stop dreaming.

MyDBC is a global community for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality by taking action. To amplify its mission, the MyDBC podcast shares stories that will help people build their confidence and overcome the fear that often prevents people’s progression towards achieving their dreams. Through the MyDBC community and its podcast, you will learn something new, be inspired, and build the muscle to fulfill your dreams. Tell us, what’s your BIG dream?

In the meantime, click here to listen to MyDBC Podcast Episode 10 and catch up on other episodes.

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