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My Accountability Partner (MAP)

My Accountability Partner (MAP) has been designed to increase your ability to execute goals.

MAP is the accountability partner you've been looking for, helping to keep you focused and improve your productivity. MAP will help you break down your goals into actionable and attainable steps. With this membership, you'll stay on track with an assortment of resources to achieve your personal and professional goals. Read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Achieve Your Goals

Plan, practice, and execute your goals with MAP, a membership program professionally designed to help you achieve your goals.


Win Together

Connect with other members in quarterly live group sessions designed to share resources and build accountability partnerships

Chat With Experts

A team of accomplished subject matter experts is at your fingertips. CEOs, Olympic Champions, and Co-Founders are here to share their expertise one-on-one with you. 


Exclusive Access

Receive premium discounts to My Dream BIG Club exclusive events, like the ever-popular MANIFEST yearly event.

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