Manifest Your 2021 Goals

December 5, 2020

11 a.m. ET - 1 p.m. ET


Enter 2021 ahead of the game.


Join My Dream BIG Club and productivity expert, Matt De La Cruz, as they show you how to set and accomplish goals, make a failproof vision board, and create your own system for accountability to increase your chance for success. 

Three Goals

  1. Create 2021 Goals

  2. Create Vision Board

  3. Create Accountability

 11:00am ET

 --- Welcome & Introduction ---





 12:00pm ET

 --- Fireside Chat Panel​ with Meryl Davis, Jonathan Garrett, & Bolanle Williams-Olley ---

 --- Keynote: How to Set Goals with Matt De La Cruz ---

--- How to Create a Manifestation Board​ with Omonye Phillips ---

--- Meditation/Reflection ---

 1:00pm ET

 --- Event Concludes ---



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